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Fuzhou E-point Interactive ( ) was established in 2013. We are a design company focusing on user experience design development and Internet brand building. Since its establishment, it has provided more than 200 customers with innovative and professional design solutions. The scope of design services includes: interactive prototype design, product visual design, website design and development and construction, mobile and software product interface design, icon design, branding and graphic design. Our value and purpose is to create the most nice design for users and customers, and use design to enhance product and corporate value.

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Creativity, process and execution are all indispensable
Since its inception, our business direction has remained the same. Focusing on one thing to better pursue high quality is also the value of nicedesign. We will continue to create based on this belief in the future.
In the continuous innovation and practice, we have concluded a sustainable and reliable design process, insist on thinking with users, use the design method to find problems, solve problems, output design solutions, and realize the improvement of customer products and corporate value.
Nicedesign has accumulated a large number of excellent project cases over the past 5 years and verified the value of design. Summarize experience in continuous exploration, be result-oriented, and continue to provide excellent designs for more customers.

our team

We are a team that pursues quality and strives to continuously surpass ourselves, and each member is also a close partner to grow and develop with the company. We respect the opportunities and challenges of each cooperation, keep improving and strive for perfection. The team upholds a dedicated and professional design service thinking, allowing customers to maximize the value of the product through design and explore unlimited possibilities. Love design and believe that the power of design keeps us moving ...

Team building activity photography

Team building activity photography

Team building activity photography

Team building activity photography

Team building activity photography

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