• Virtual products or games third-party payment Apple listing instructions

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  • Apple stipulates that "virtual digital products" must use Apple IPA (internal purchase) to complete the payment, and Apple will draw a 30% fee. Therefore, how to bypass this 30% pumping is a concern for many developers and a problem that our company has to solve. See if the goods / services that users pay for purchase are "virtual digital products." In more detail, see if the actual consumption scenario of the goods / services is in the app or a ... more
  • uniapp quotes iconfont icon confirms availability

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  • How to introduce: 3. Then create a new common folder under the uniapp project, and create iconfont.css under the common folder. Copy the code opened in step 2 to iconfont.css. Remember to convert the url path in the iconfont.css file to the online path by adding https: as follows ... View full text
  • Use of WeChat Mini Program wx: key

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  • If the position of the items in the list will change dynamically or new items are added to the list, and you want the items in the list to maintain their own characteristics and status (such as in the input Input content, the selected state of switch), you need to use wx: key to specify the items in the list ... view full text
  • Three steps to teach you to generate and add QQ group codes in one click

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  • The QQ group code is added to the webpage. When we construct the webpage, adding the QQ group entrance is helpful for collecting feedback from visitors. At the same time, it can make the website more friendly than simply adding the text QQ group number. So how can we generate and add QQ group codes in one click? Now the Internet computer teaches you to get the code in three steps: Step 1: Open the QQ official website: http: //qun.qq....View full text

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