• How to obtain WeChat payment merchant number and merchant platform API key

  • ectouch 19-04-30
  • Merchant number and merchant platform API key are two indispensable information for binding WeChat payment function. After successfully applying for the WeChat payment function, the WeChat party will send a message to the merchant "Congratulations on your successful verification of WeChat payment merchant profile". The email includes a merchant platform certificate and some important information. Among them, "WeChat payment merchant number" is the "Merchant number" that needs to be filled in WeChat payment. ... see full story
  • ectouch product type different attributes different prices tutorial

  • ectouch 18-06-29
  • The ectouch and ecshop background functions are roughly the same. The ecshop background is used as an example to illustrate the different types of ectouch products with different attributes. Price Description: This function is mainly to add and edit product types and add and edit product attributes. I. Add Product Type Enter Backstage-> Product Management & n ... View Full Text
  • How to hide the micro-shop function in the new version of ectouch code

  • ectouch 18-01-26
  • 1. Find the file index.dwt, the path is themes / default / index.dwt, and delete the code in the red box. 2. Find the file user.dwt, the path is themes / default / user.dwt, and delete the code in the red box. You can replace it with the corresponding link you want, after you delete the code, remember to clear the cache in the background ... more
  • ecshop WeChat scan code payment configuration tutorial

  • ectouch 17-11-09
  • First step: ecshop background system settings-payment method Find WeChat scan code payment, and then click install to configure the parameters. Click here to learn how to view the appid and appsecret. Click here to learn how to view the merchant payment key key and merchant number. Step: Set the callback address on the WeChat merchant platform, find the product center-develop the configuration, fill in the scan code and pay the callback place ... more
  • ectouch my microshop tutorial description

  • ectouch 17-10-28
  • This function is too complicated. I can only describe it here. I don't understand if you can see it yourself. If you have any questions, you can study it yourself. 1. Set up micro-store information, apply for a distributor, and fill in the corresponding micro-store information. If there is a need to pay for a distributor application, please go to the background-micro distribution-micro distribution settings, and adjust the purchase amount to 0. Choose the categories your microshop needs to show. I do n’t understand what it means to choose all, and in the background--micro ... more
  • Solutions for WeChat Auto Reply

  • ectouch 17-06-24
  • Find the WechatController.class.php file. The path is in includeappsdefaultcontrollers. Find this line at line 43. $ this-> weObj-> valid (); Delete it or comment. This operation can only be performed after the WeChat public account token is verified. Don't tok ... more

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