• PHP uses pure IP database to implement IP address information query locally

  • php technology 19-12-17
  • Suggest a local IP address database. Please go to to download a pure IP database. After installation, go to the installation directory and remove the QQWry.dat file. This is the IP database we want. Now, put it in the directory you want. This class of IP address query processing <? P ... read more
  • Three steps to teach you to generate and add QQ group codes in one click

  • php technology
  • The QQ group code is added to the webpage. When we construct the webpage, adding the QQ group entrance is helpful for collecting feedback from visitors. At the same time, it can make the website more friendly than simply adding the text QQ group number. So how can we generate and add QQ group codes in one click? Now the Internet computer teaches you to get the code in three steps: Step 1: Open the QQ official website: http: //qun.qq....View full text
  • Micro Engine URL routing

  • php technology
  • The entry script program obtains the relevant GET parameters in the URL, analyzes the permissions, and then calls the corresponding controller to process the request. This process is called URL routing. $ controller, $ do to get the corresponding route three parameters When the incoming URL request contains a GET parameter named c, a, do (optional) ... view full text
  • PHP file upload principle

  • php technology
  • The client converts the transmitted file into binary code and sends it to the server, and the server maps the binary to a file. It is temporarily stored in the cache pool, and the storage period for PHP operations is half an hour. When PHP finishes storing and writing operations, it will clear the cache pool. Upload size can be set in php.ini ... View full text
  • GIT basics

  • php technology
  • Today, Git is in the middle of nowhere, and I don't understand git, I am embarrassed to tell people that he is a program ape. Have you already been eager to try it out, but just suffer from no excuses? Well, the opportunity is today. Give me 20 minutes, yes, as long as 20 minutes, let you quickly use git. We don't talk much nonsense, and come directly to dry goods. We will introduce the following points: First, what ... read more

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