• Use of WeChat Mini Program wx: key

  • WeChat Mini Program
  • If the position of the items in the list will change dynamically or new items are added to the list, and you want the items in the list to maintain their own characteristics and status (such as in the input Input content, the selected state of switch), you need to use wx: key to specify the items in the list ... view full text
  • New features of ES6 in applets

  • WeChat Mini Program
  • Use ES6's new features in applets. ECMAScript 6 (ES6 for short) is a JavaScript language standard officially released in June 2015, officially named ECMAS ... see full story
  • WeChat Mini Program template

  • WeChat Mini Program
  • I. template template: 1. Template creation: It is recommended to create a template directory separately and create a management template file in the template directory. Because the template only has wxml and wxss files, and the applet development tools do not support the rapid creation of templates, it is necessary to directly create wxml and wxss files. A template template file and style file only need to be ... Read more
  • WeChat Mini Program-Custom Navigation Bar

  • WeChat Mini Program
  • The WeChat head navigation bar may be configured through json: But sometimes our project needs may require a custom head navigation bar, as shown below: Now specifically explain the implementation steps and use methods: Steps: 1. In app.jso .. .View full text

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