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  • Fuzhou's five major parks become a good place to relax and welcome over 200,000 people yesterday

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Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau that on the second day of National Day Golden Week, affected by the previous two typhoons, some scenic spots in our province were still closed, resulting in a decrease in the number of tourists across the province. However, tourism in some districts and cities has begun to heat up, long-term tourists have reached their tourist destinations, and vehicles in some parking lots have increased.

Data show that this year, the traffic flow of the two scenic spots in Fuzhou Forest Park and Gushan has decreased compared to last year. The forest park received 14,000 tourists and Gushan received 60,000 tourists, mainly because these two scenic spots were affected by typhoons.

However, Fuzhou Sanfang Qixiang and Qingyun Mountain received more visitors. Among them, Sanfang Qixiang received a total of 135,000 tourists, an increase of 1.8%; Qingyun Mountain received 64,000 tourists, an increase of 25.6%. The major parks in Fuzhou have become a good place for people to relax. The five major parks in the city receive a total of 204,000 tourists.

Affected by the typhoon, this year's Xiamen major tourist attractions have greatly reduced, hotels are relatively empty. As of 12:00 on October 2, the housing rate of Xiamen Hotel was 48.77%, a decrease of 16.55 percentage points. From various attractions, Gulangyu received about 15,000 tourists, a decrease of 61.54%; the underwater world received 22,000 tourists, a decrease of 56.88%; Hulishan Fort received 70,100 tourists, a decrease of 28.53%.

The two scenic spots monitored by Wuyi Mountain received a total of 15,100 tourists, a decrease of 16.02%. (Reporter Zhu Liping)

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