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  • Typhoon No. 19 may soon form showers in Fuzhou today and tomorrow

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In October of last year, Fuzhou was already brisk in autumn, but in October this year, citizens felt a little dull. The meteorological department said that the recent frequent precipitation, strong warm and humid airflow, and weak cold air have made the autumn feel less refreshing and cooler this October. It is expected that there will be showers in Fuzhou today and tomorrow.

Monitoring shows that the temperature in Rongcheng was 30 ° C yesterday, and the air humidity was around 80% throughout the day. It even rose to more than 90% in the early morning. The slight exposure of the sun during the day made people feel a little stuffy.

The weather this year was unusual, with a strong El Nino phenomenon in the early days and a La Nina phenomenon in the ocean. The southwest air stream transported a large amount of water vapor over our province. In September, the rainfall in Fujian exceeded the normal period. Under the influence of continuous typhoons, the daily maximum and monthly rainfall exceeded the historical extremes.

There were showers in Fuzhou yesterday. At 8 o'clock on the 1st and 8 o'clock on the 2nd, there were 47 townships in 15 counties (cities) and districts in the province with rainfall of more than 50 millimeters. Among them, Yongan Shangji Village reached 125.1 millimeters. Guangdong and other places adjacent to Fujian Significant precipitation also occurred. This is mainly because there is a tropical disturbance in the offshore areas of Guangdong and Fujian. The precipitation cloud system brought by it causes precipitation in various places. The meteorological department reminded that the southwest airflow will bring a lot of water vapor to Fujian in the future, and there may be showers or thunderstorms in various places.

Typhoon No. 18 this year was located at 1,450 kilometers southeast of the Pacific Northwest at 8:00 on the 2nd this year. It moved northwest at a speed of about 25 kilometers per hour, and the intensity continued to increase. It entered the northeastern surface of the East China Sea at night on the 3rd, and then It will go north along the sea near 128 degrees east longitude and gradually approach the southwestern coast of Japan.

On the 3rd to the 4th, the winds of Minwai, Mindong fishing grounds and Diaoyu Islands will be 6 ~ 7, gusts 8 ~ 10, and there will be 4 ~ 6 meters of waves in Minwai fishing ground, east of Mindong fishing ground and Diaoyu Islands. To the wild waves. Provincial defense refers to the requirement that fishing vessels operating offshore in Fujian Minyu fishing grounds, eastern Mindong fishing grounds and Diaoyu Islands must be evacuated to seas west of 122 degrees east long before 8 o'clock on the 3rd; marine fishery departments in various places must implement the evacuation and transfer of fishing boats in Before the typhoon's influence is lifted, prevent fishing vessels from entering dangerous areas and ensure safety; the maritime department shall promptly issue typhoon warnings to passing ships to prevent them from entering the typhoon-affected area.

In addition, Typhoon No. 19 this year may be generated in the near future. It is expected that during the westward movement of Typhoon No. 19 on the 6th to the 8th, there will be a more pronounced precipitation process in Fujian due to the northern peripheral circulation or typhoon inversion. Among them, the weather in the province was cloudy to overcast on the 6th, with showers or thunderstorms in parts of the central and northern coasts, and heavy rain in some areas; showers or thunderstorms in the province on the 7th to 8th, and moderate rains in the coastal and parts of the south. Heavy rain to heavy rain in the area. (Reporter Mao Xiaochun Qiu Quansheng)

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