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  • 104 National Road Mawei along the river corridor will become a "long picture scroll" End of March next year

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The reporter was informed yesterday that the design of the 104 National Highway along the Yangtze River Corridor has been completed. The small-scale demolition along the line is currently underway and household surveys are planned.

The renovated National Road 104 starts from Mawei Junzhuhuan Island and ends at No. 5 of Tingjiang Town, with a total length of about 13.78 kilometers. It is an important landscape corridor connecting Ma'ao's main urban area to Kuan and Langqi. In the future, the corridor will be built into a riverside landscape road that integrates river viewing, viewing, leisure, and cultural functions.

The reporter learned that according to the design plan, 16905 trees and shrubs, 241,500 square meters of turf will be planted along the corridor, and a variety of plants will be decorated with different combinations. In the future, the 104 national highway will form a beautiful " Long scroll. " (Reporter Lin Luoyu correspondent Chen Xiaojing Zheng Ting)

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