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  • Fuzhou Taijiang Food Store Owner Witnesses South Park Butterfly Change (Photo)

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"Previously there were few people here to play, and now when the holidays come, there are so many people!" Chen Junming, the owner of the grocery store outside the South Park in Taijiang District for many years, witnessed the butterfly change in South Park.

South Park used to be a childhood paradise for many Fuzhou people, and has the reputation of "Fuzhou Disney". However, as time went on, the park facilities were raging, and gradually became a place for everyone to "take care of." In August this year, the newly renovated South Park was reopened, which surprised the citizens.

The reporter came to South Park yesterday to see her face. Passing through the antique archway at the entrance, the pavilions and lakes and mountains are reflected in front of you. Walking along the winding path in the park, the green plants on both sides are refreshing. There are also hundreds of meters of promenade in the park for people to relax and play. The Taijiang Folk Museum in the garden adds a "cultural flavor".

"In the past, the lake water was dirty and smelly, and the facilities were very broken. After the renovation, the environment has improved and the air has been refreshed. Everyone is here!" Chen Junming told reporters that every morning and evening, elderly people living nearby would come to the park. Walking or singing and dancing, the entertainment life is enriched.

"Every holiday, there are more tourists and there is no place to park the car!" Chen Junming said with a smile, hoping that more and more people will come to play in the future, and his grocery business will be better and better. (Reporter Gong Ying)

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