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  • "Siamba" has no effect on Fuzhou City

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Since the start of the National Day holiday, the weather in Fuzhou in the first two days is still good, and the situation in the next three days is not bad. Tomorrow the city will be cloudy with showers, the temperature will be 25 ℃ ~ 31 ℃; 5th, the city will be cloudy to cloudy, the temperature will be 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃.

For everyone concerned about this year's Typhoon No. 18 this year, the center was located at 17:00 yesterday, about 950 kilometers southeast of Taipei, Taiwan. The maximum wind near the center was 16 (52 m / s). Reached super typhoon level. It is expected that "Siemba" will move north-westerly at a speed of about 25 kilometers per hour. It will enter the southeast of the East China Sea tonight, and then move northerly. On the 4th night, it will gradually turn to the northeast and to the southwest coast of Japan When you go to the waters near the Korean Strait, you will pass the southwestern coast of Japan or cross the Korean Strait in the future, and the intensity will gradually weaken. The reporter learned from the meteorological department yesterday that the future of typhoon "Siemba" will have no impact on our city.

The meteorological department also said that in the middle and late of this month, one or two typhoons affected or landed in Fujian. (Reporter Wu Hui)

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