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  • Fuzhou Holds China's First Cybercrime Youth Detective Light Comedy

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On the 3rd, the launching ceremony of a short TV drama "Criminal Crime" jointly created by Fujian TV Station TV Channel and Qishengge Film and Television Media was held. It is reported that this is the first youth detective light comedy focusing on cybercrime in China.

The opening ceremony scene.

"This play has a total of 12 episodes, consisting of 6 independent online criminal investigation cases, and each case is divided into 2 episodes to make." Director Xiong Wei introduced that in order to create a fine work, the script has been revised and improved many times since the beginning of the year. Many production links have been conceived repeatedly, and strive to be close to the characteristics of the Internet and the viewing needs of young people.

According to the person in charge of the producer, judging from the current status of the domestic TV drama market, the current weekly drama series continues to be popular, and the characteristics of young fans are very obvious, and themes such as period costume fantasy, suspense reasoning are quite popular, which is the reason for the production of the drama. More importantly, by showing crime cases with network characteristics, it can serve as a warning to the audience.

On the opening ceremony of the day, four young actors and actresses, including Li Xinyu, Chen Ruoyi, Xin Xin, and Wang Chengyi, were also present. The reporter learned that the only girl Chen Ruoyi came from Capital Normal University and was a "national school flower" -level Internet celebrity. The other three sportsmen also have rich experience in film and television performances. For example, Li Xinyu, the number one male, has participated in the TV series "Dragon Gate Flying Armor" Xin Xin, the male second, has participated in the hit TV series "Returning Pearls", and Wang Chengyi is known in popular online dramas such as "The King of E-sports" and "School Girl Run".

It is worth mentioning that the play was directed by the well-known screenwriter Lin Yan. Since 2004, he has been involved in the creation of film and television dramas. Since then, more than ten masterpieces have been published. In 2015, he won the second China-US TV Festival with the TV series "Sea of Spies". Best Screenplay Award.

Executive director and well-known actor of the Fujian People's Art Theatre, Lu Kaiwen said that the filming cycle of the show will take more than a month, mainly in Fuzhou, especially in Cangshan District. It is expected to meet with audiences at the end of the year, and will be on TV, terrestrial channels and major networks The video platform broadcasts simultaneously. (Reporter Qiu Ling)

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