Fuzhou website construction only needs 1,000 yuan to include domain name space, details 18558752805

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1. Login to the alliance background
2. Add a site (if you have one, you don't need to add it), please select the type of website
. n; | & N0 G; Y (] 4 u, v, f

'}! W4 P D; ^; 2 m r
Write as much website information as you want

Download root.txt and send it to the shopkeeper, then put the shopkeeper in the space, and then notify, you can pass the verification. 1 s' & _1 l) `

3 t- W + j0 ^ + l5 L
After the submission is completed, the website is pending review, waiting for the alliance to review. Generally, it will pass within one day on working days.
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