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APP display

The app display switch is mainly corresponding to the APP QR code button in the upper right corner of the homepage, as shown in the figure below, it is not displayed when closed.

app production
1. Open the chameleon website. Website:
2. Registered member, you can create Wed APP directly after registration.
3. Select APP production.

4. Select the free permanent version. No fees. Select "Buy Now" to enter the software setting interface.
5. In the setting interface, just add the URL (that is, your coupon website address), software name, and version number, and then click the "Generate APP" button in the upper right corner. Very fool-proof operation
6. When generating, remember to select both the Android and Apple versions at the same time to generate a QR code, and then upload the QR code to the background.
Start the map download, use it if you need it

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