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Many say that social comment box services for independent website builders will be shut down. It is said that it has become the so-called "social comment box" service with the largest domestic share, but the industry first has not brought it more revenue and development space.

It is said that the biggest competitor of the past was only four months of friendship. It was sold to JiaThis, which added a share button to the webpage. At that time, the valuation was about 2 million to 5 million yuan. The main reason for selling it after only four months is that the founders at the time already thought that the market space was very small and limited, and that competitors were likely to choose one after the acquisition failed.

During the same period, similar services also include bShare, and Wu Mi, which recommends related articles. These social comment boxes and share buttons are in line with the increasing trend of personal websites and blogs. Webmasters can implement various high-level additional functions for their websites with only one line of code.

Back to 6 to 7 years ago, personal blog sites seemed to be considered the main output channel for online speech, but nowadays, speech is more concentrated on WeChat, a closed platform, to create value. It can be said that those who were active in the blogging era were still those people, but all peripheral services based on independent sites are no longer applicable to the current situation.

It's as if they acted as a small shop next to a gold mine in the gold rush of the Internet, and now the last gold mine has dried up, the big army has moved, and the small shop is still in place.

Vast imagination

When I was still at NetEase in 2012, I once organized a Wudaokou salon program and invited several entrepreneurs who were doing these gadgets to have a discussion. At the time, JiaThis, bShare, and "Lenglu" were invited, a service that aggregated third-party OpenID login functions for websites.

At that time, they imagined rich application scenarios for this type of service, including if you take over the comments under an article, you can insert a highly relevant advertisement in the comment somewhere in the article; you can do "guess you like" related articles Recommend, insert advertisements or soft texts in the recommended links; website statistics obtained by embedding statistical codes are further packaged, and then packaged into other products.

They have even thought of more complicated things, such as setting up a point system for user systems, points can be exchanged for money, and so on. Of course, all this has become an illusion. Take JiaThis, which was the most popular at the time, for example. It announced that it had 720,000 users in 2012. When it accepted the investment of Tencent in 2013, it announced that it had 780,000 users. The website was revised at the end of last year. , Now claims 780,000 users on the site.

When doing business in the comment box, the concept is still stolen from overseas Disqus, a third-party comment enhancement service that has been running for a full decade. Disqus's main competitors are Facebook's social comment box and Adobe's acquisition of Livefyre, which focuses on the live text of the media, which strongly illustrates the narrowness of this market.

The pattern of domestic services copying overseas products is very complete. There are independent products similar to Disqus's friendliness and more talk, as well as Sohu's free speech, and Weibo comment boxes are similar to Facebook reviews.

Internal and external difficulties

Later, the entire concept of "social commentary" seemed to have reached a dead end around the globe. Overseas teacher Disqus has also recently experienced a situation of layoffs of 20%. However, the domestic comment ecology is not only restricted by the development law of the entire industry, but also restricted by strong management with domestic characteristics.

Let's start with global issues. After trying to include advertisements in the comment string, Disqus was repeatedly questioned by privacy and user experience, and later withdrew the advertisement. At the end of last year, they did one such thing: they changed the official website into a discussion area similar to Reddit or Post Bar, and displayed discussions under different website articles hosted by them in the main part. Comments left by netizens on websites where Disqus is installed will be synchronized to the official website of Disqus.

In China, Wumei ’s official website has made such a revision about 3 years earlier than Disqus; JiaThis has made a “Fun 1” website, and it seems that it is hoped that its discussion group can copy an encyclopedia or something. And the more typical aggregation of other website reviews is to count the first product that the company called "Qihoo" ever

They failed without exception.

Being an aggregation station requires the scale effect on traffic and brand. Many of the websites that use multi-speaking, Disqus, and non-searching are actually poor in quality and the atmosphere is not warm enough. In particular, the WordPress plugin has entered a large number of fake blogs, causing the data to be beautiful and practically useless.

As for strong management, it's better to explain a bit. Netease's post is typical. There is nothing wrong with the current self-organization and self-operation of the follow-up products, but NetEase did not dare to IP the follow-up products, which is equivalent to keeping Jinshan unusable, and finally buried its future.

in conclusion

Currently, the focus of Disqus's work is on data mining of the collected comment information, because comments can also be associated with the commenter's IP, operating system, time and place, and even bound Facebook accounts. However, the comment box only adds a site analysis dimension, instead of covering all the dimensions, the website owner may be more concerned about statistical information such as PV.

Disqus laid off 11 people at the end of last year, accounting for 20% of the total number of employees-the company has not been much developed since it was founded 10 years ago, and it is still the same.

Even taking the language advantage brought by English into account, the comment box is still a niche market. The definition of a niche market may differ from person to person. If the word "market" has been implied to generate profit, then in other words, this type of service may meet a "pseudo demand".

Zhang Ruimin, who claims to not know much about the Internet and does not use WeChat, has high hopes for the world's number one in any field: "Even if it is a small and medium-sized enterprise that makes screws, if it can achieve more than 20% of the world share, it will be world-class Competitiveness."

However, even if you put the comment box all over the world, you can only let more than 50 people eat; even if you occupy half of the country ’s comment box, it may just be a dead end.

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