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Prior to this, many people and I thought: "Weibo activity" has dropped a lot, it is no longer used by people, and it has no marketing value.

After I chatted with a friend who is a Fantong, I changed this idea. He is a mother-to-child e-commerce company. He spends about 6,000 yuan a Fantong fee every week. : 4, such cost-effectiveness ratio is absolutely not low. Now they have about 120,000 users, most of which come from fans. I also know a friend who is doing children's wear. His company is about to go bankrupt. He also came back to life by specializing in Weibo. Now he has very loyal fans.

So I took a moment to do the test. The main direction is to add WeChat to Taobao and send information to pay attention to "WeChat public account". The following is a little more careful:

1.The name comes with its own traffic

The name is really important. A good name has its own traffic. For example, a friend who did picture processing before took the word "beautiful" on the name. He did n’t do much promotion after that. There are hundreds of them every day. Fans add him, "views" are even greater. Of course, you also need to avoid sensitive words. As far as I know, the word "Taobaoke" should have a blocking mechanism, resulting in not much traffic.

Based on the above analysis, half of the names taken will have keywords such as beauty, handsome, master, and master. The traffic of these words is also very large. If coupled with attractive content, the amount of attention is also very considerable.

2.The nature of the account has its own diffusion energy

The main thing here is the level of the account. The best account is 16 or higher. The higher the level, the more recommendations and exposure. The next is 9-16, and the 4-8. Level, never choose a level below 4, because you will not get any automatic exposure. I recommend account purchase, go to a certain treasure, very cheap, you can buy a few more.

3. Weibo content is the nuclear weapon of Weibo marketing. It can be discussed from two aspects: format and pure content.

The first is pure content. The best is to draw and give gifts. This is a truth that has been repeatedly tested. But the choice of gifts needs to be compatible with your products. For example, the following are for Taobao and clothing:

价值千元微博营销方法,日引数千流量不是梦 经验心得 第1张

价值千元微博营销方法,日引数千流量不是梦 经验心得 第2张

The second is the content format. Here are two methods. One is to use hot search topics. The simplest is to add the following topics to your Weibo content. The format is: # 今日 春分 # I have a big gift for you , Wait, of course, it is best if the selected topic matches the content theme as much as possible.

价值千元微博营销方法,日引数千流量不是梦 经验心得 第3张

On the other side of the content, it is to add words with their own traffic. Such words need to have a higher search volume. When I was giving away materials, because I was doing marketing, I looked for a lot of celebrities, such as Li Jiao. Beast, Ye Maozhong and so on:

价值千元微博营销方法,日引数千流量不是梦 经验心得 第4张

4. Weibo's strongest drainage three swordsmen

(1) Adding groups: There are really many and active groups on Weibo. Generally, they are built around a certain celebrity and have high viscosity. For example, when helping people de-stock shoes, they added a lot of star groups, such as Yang Mi and Fan Liya's fan group. Well, they are really active.

价值千元微博营销方法,日引数千流量不是梦 经验心得 第5张

价值千元微博营销方法,日引数千流量不是梦 经验心得 第6张

(2) Ranking: In fact, this is also exposure. The method is to comment on celebrity Weibo, and then raise the ranking by the number of likes and comments, that is, the more likes and comments, the higher the ranking. , You can get more exposure.

(3) Matrix drainage: I want to be a good microblog, I must be a matrix, I made 11 microblogs in one breath, sent messages regularly, and got a lot of traffic. When making a matrix, I particularly recommend a website called Pippi Time Machine, which can bind 11 Weibos and send them on a regular basis. As long as the content is written, it can be automatically operated, which is very convenient.

价值千元微博营销方法,日引数千流量不是梦 经验心得 第7张

价值千元微博营销方法,日引数千流量不是梦 经验心得 第8张

价值千元微博营销方法,日引数千流量不是梦 经验心得 第9张

5. Closed loop on Weibo marketing

I have tried a lot of closed loops before, such as via Weibo to WeChat public account, via Weibo to WeChat, via Weibo to website, encourage private message interaction through Weibo content, and then channel to WeChat, etc. In the end, it was found that the best way was to guide the interaction through Weibo content, which was channeled to WeChat during the interaction. The transaction rate of this method was about 8% higher than other methods.

6. Endless traffic

(1) Encourage reposting: After the interaction, encourage retransmission as much as possible, usually by giving free samples or discounts, the effect is very obvious;

(2) Encourage people: After interaction, encourage friends who have common needs around to add to WeChat, recommend 3 people to send it for a trial, and 5 to enjoy a certain discount.

The above is part of the free. Although it is free, the traffic is particularly large, and the purchasing power of the crowd is definitely not low. The effect has been explained at the beginning. Everyone can try it.

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