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  • People are money. How do you let strangers add you on WeChat?

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Everyone who knows WeChat knows that "WeChat" is nothing more than a business of people. People are money. Even the best products require people to recognize you and make money. If you rely on acquaintances and friends around you to buy, you should never expect to grow bigger, you must develop a stranger market. Now WeChat plus friends have imposed strict restrictions.

I found that many experts and lecturers like to talk about the "" marketing plan "" and "marketing plan", which is very mysterious, but does not talk about the essence of simplicity.

Now, I want to pierce that layer of "window paper" and let you bring endless and precise customers.

怎么才能让陌生人主动加你微信? 经验心得

Take a deep breath, read the following sentence three times, then write it in your notebook, paste it in front of the computer, put it on the bedside, and put this sentence in all the places you see every day.

I believe that within 30 days you will find at least one marketing opportunity because of the inspiration of this sentence, because many friends around us have already benefited.

So I hope you value this sentence:

Maximize the spread of hooked bait!

Do you hear me?

Please repeat this sentence three times!

Design the "bait" and then go to the "fish pond" and transfer the fish to your own "fish pond", which is your own customer database (store the customers in personal WeChat or their own WeChat public account). The value of passively attracted customers is at least 10 times the value of the customers you actively add.

There are 2 keywords in it: "bait" and "maximize".

Let's analyze them one by one.

There is only one bait between you and potential customers. Why do others add you, and what are the benefits of adding you?

Consumers always like to be “greedy and cheap”! This is why more and more “gifts are given away” in supermarkets.

So, if you want a potential customer to become an existing customer, you need to give him enough "benefits".

If you want the "fish to surface," you have to give it enough "bait."

But what kind of "bait" can attract "fish" to hook?

Remember the following two sentences:

High prices generate value,

Low prices generate spreads,

The driving force comes from "selling high-priced products at low prices"!

And what kind of fishing lures are most attractive to consumers?

Of course, it is the price of "minimum price"-zero price-or "freebie".

Fishing bait design standards (extremely tempting, confusing, hard to resist)

1, extraordinary results

2. Fast speed

3. Specific benefits

4. Limited number of people

5. High-value gifts

There are many kinds of "bait", and I think the lowest cost is e-book.

For example, let's say you send a message in the q group:

I will share [Salary doubling negotiation skills] for free, please add WeChat **** or follow the public account *****

Such fishing lures use the design criterion of extraordinary results: the promise of "double the wages"

You can also optimize it:

"You can also double your salary within 30 days! Please add WeChat **** or follow the public account *****

Share 12 clever negotiating strategies, let your boss raise your salary immediately-8 years of top secret experience sharing, completely free "

This is relatively good, using three factors: extraordinary results, rapid speed, and specific benefits. Speed is 30 days, and the specific benefits are 12 clever negotiation strategies

Can also be optimized

"Working Emperor Li Kaifu's top-secret negotiation strategy to double wages for 30 days is applicable to 90% of working migrants! Please add WeChat **** or follow the public account ***** for free sharing. Only 20 minutes free registration For the top 100 applicants, they will receive 200 e-books of "Taming the Boss 72 Stunts" and "Let the Boss Work for You" worth 200 yuan-all free, first come first served "

This kind of news will have better results, using the five criteria of extraordinary results, rapid speed, specific benefits, limited number of people, and high-value gifts.

After designing the "bait", it is very easy to obtain a large number of precise customers. Remember the sentence just said again: maximize the distribution of hooked bait!

Do two things well in the early stage: set up "bait" and prepare gifts. Giveaway suggestions are e-books and other knowledge, and the cost is the lowest.

The design of "bait" should use the "bait design standards" mentioned above according to different products. The "bait" has to do with the products you sell.

Where to spread it?

Go to the "fish pond" where potential customers are (the place where online and offline potential customers gather). In addition to "bait", you can also write a high-quality "soft article" with a more attractive title.

Here I will share where to spread your fishing bait or soft article:

1. Offline, not much to talk about here, everything you can see in the ad is OK. It's too much.

2. Online, this is what I mainly share.

Promotion method of spreading "bait" on the line: The whole is divided into 3 series and 6 series.

3 major sections: ① free traffic section ② low cost traffic section ③ paid advertising

1. Free traffic section:

1. QQ series: ① QQ group promotion method: group sending, group sending email, group file sharing, group album, group member export and adding qq as WeChat friends. QQ group keywords must be relevant to your product. For example: if you sell weight loss products, then the added QQ group should be a weight loss group. Use a lot of QQ to add a large number of groups, if you add 10 groups a day, 10 QQ is 100 groups a day, 100 groups cover at least 20,000 accurate customers.

② Establish a discussion group, pull the people in the group into the discussion group you created, and directly spread your fishing bait or soft paper.

③ qq space, go to peers or popular space to like and comment.

④ mobile phone qq. Go to the mobile QQ interest tribe to spread. Search for product-related interests.

2. Weibo series: mainly Tencent and Sina Weibo. Search for people related to the product to leave messages and private messages.

3, "Baidu", 360 series: Post it, forum, know, library, experience, encyclopedia. If you are doing weight loss products, go to: weight loss stickers, weight loss forum.

4. Classified Information Network Series: Publish your "bait" or soft paper at various classified information stations.

5,,,, Tianya, Maopu and other high-traffic websites.

6, mobile APP, go to download some APP software recommended on the mobile assistant, or search in Baidu. For example, those who sell weight-loss products can download a lot of apps such as "Super Weight-loss King", "Slimming Recipes" and so on.

7, WeChat: QQ friends import, phone number import, nearby friends, WeChat. The main recommendation is micro-groups. First, find a lot of micro-groups, and then exchange micro-groups. Persist in exchanging 10 groups with others every day. Over time, you have a huge group marketing data resource. Go to the micro group to spread.

One of our friends used one of the methods, a picture, two lines of text, sucking powder for more than 500 people a night, and the effect is very good. Many times we can't do it well, is whether you use the right method, where are your customers, they What do you need? Why add you? These problems are solved and it is easy to suck powder.

Second, low-cost traffic series:

1. Negotiate, find the host who owns the platform to negotiate and give a certain promotion fee: talk to the group owner, find the post, talk about the forum, find the blog owner, talk to the webmaster, find the WeChat public account number Edit talk (this effect is direct and fast). And so on.

2. Classified information

3. Mass mail, find someone to send it on your behalf. (Taobao find)

4, SMS. Mass Send (Taobao find)

5, find someone else to send soft text (Taobao find)

Third, paid advertising

Paid advertising costs are higher, but the customers who are referred are more accurate. You must combine the creation of a marketing website page to attract target customers by placing "bait" on the marketing page. You can pay for promotion by setting relevant keyword ads in the following ways:

1. Advertising network

2. Bidding advertisements such as Baidu and 360 are relatively high.

3, ground advertising

4. WeChat public account advertisement. This can be promoted in the form of soft text, and the "bait" is placed in the soft text.

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