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When SEO becomes a cloud and a cloud, then you will always rush to SEO. I have submitted several articles on SEO on the Lu Songsong platform, and many of my friends have said that they are written in soft text. I only want to say one thing about this topic, because you have not done it, so you think it is soft text. Being able to think carefully and experimentally prove that you will be better than any other so-called SEO course in China, and this article is no exception.

The author has been researching search engines for nearly 8 years, and the idea is basically to solve the search engine ranking problem from reverse thinking. For example, the problem to be explained in this article is why you have created so many originals without ranking, but the article I copied Is there a ranking? For example, the inside page of the new station needs to be evaluated, and why are the contents of the new station all received in seconds? It seems that these two topics have been used in reverse thinking to put forward the center of this article. Three actual cases will be used below. I will give you an in-depth explanation of how to help the old domain name build a website to quickly include rankings!

Many people actually ignore one of the most basic problems in SEO ranking. First of all, we need to understand what are the two categories of search engine results ranking? One is the page quality score (such as high-quality original, clear structural layout, etc.), and the other is It is the domain name trust score (such as government domain names, school domain names, a large number of external domain names). Then these two points will reach a conclusion that high-quality content + trustless domain names can improve rankings (mostly new sites), and general content + high-trust domain names can improve rankings (such as the article reproduced by Sina, Sina Ranking will be higher than original site ranking).

The following are two sets of cases, including the collection and ranking of two old domain names and one new domain name, as shown in the following figure:

SEO实战干货:利用老域名打造新站快速收录排名! 经验心得 第1张

SEO实战干货:利用老域名打造新站快速收录排名! 经验心得 第2张

SEO实战干货:利用老域名打造新站快速收录排名! 经验心得 第3张

SEO实战干货:利用老域名打造新站快速收录排名! 经验心得 第4张

In the above picture, you can see the collection and ranking of the two groups of cases. Although they are different industries, the two websites have been online for the same time. As of the time of article submission, the website was online for only 3 days. According to our first hypothesis, the site treatment score includes the page quality score and the domain name trust quality score. The second case is a newly registered new station. The reason why the ranking of the core words on the homepage can be included is because the basic SEO work is done better, that is, the page quality score is higher. However, only the homepage is included because the domain name trust score is low and all pages of the site need to pass the new site assessment.

In the first case, we can see that the ranking of the core words on the homepage is also very good. It contains page quality scoring factors, but it is not the point. The point of this case is that the domain name is an old site for nearly 7 years. website). And you can see through the case that the articles are almost collected in seconds. From the second picture, you can see that some keywords have begun to calculate the ranking of the inner page, and the published articles are all plagiarism. (Pseudo originals are not counted, only This modifies the article title).

Most SEO staff will only know it, but they do n’t know why, so you do n’t have a ranking in writing original articles, but I have a ranking in copying articles. So why is the effect of the old domain name so good? It is mainly divided into the following three characteristics:

First, the age of the domain name

In fact, any so-called SEO optimization we do is nothing more than satisfying the search engine's trust score for the site (the site contains domain name ratings and page ratings), and the reason why the old domain name works well is that the older the domain name, the better The higher the trust value of the domain name of the site (such as the village head election, the older and more experienced villagers have more core competitiveness than the young villagers).

Second, historical data values

The reason why the old domain name has a natural advantage is inseparable from the data value of the predecessor of the domain name, such as the number of published external links and the number of entries. The reason why the indexing is fast is because the external link sent by the predecessor domain name allows you to pre-register the domain name to build a website and quickly use spiders to crawl the site through the external link, thereby quickly improving the indexing and ranking. The higher the historical data value is actually the same as if you have sent a lot of external links, you can participate in certain keyword rankings without having to do any external link collection.

Third, the type of domain name

Regarding the type of domain name, it is the core point of the old domain name. In the initial stage of site construction, search engines classified sites by spiders. For example, the site is an enterprise site (XX industry), a government site (XX agency unit), a school site (XX training institution or XX school), etc. . Then different types have different trust values for the sites identified by search engines, such as government websites and school website domain names with special weights (trust) points.

How to mine old domain names?

The common method of mining old domain names can be mined through some cybersquatting platforms. You can choose the corresponding PR value, domain name age, etc., the price ranges from several hundred to several thousand, and a few high-trust domain names are more than tens of thousands.

Old domain name selection considerations

1. If a domain name has been registered for 10 years, but no website has been established to use the domain name, then the domain name is actually a new domain name. The old domain name we want to mine is the domain name that has been used. There is a certain historical data value. Such an old domain name has the advantage of a new station to quickly improve the ranking.

2. When digging old domain names, the optimization of old domain names with stronger relevance will be better, so when digging old domain names, you can choose the domain name with higher relevance first.

3. When choosing an old domain name, you must clearly understand whether the domain name is clean, such as whether you have done a gray industry, such as whether you have sent a lot of spam external links. If the old domain name is not clean and the gray industry keywords have been optimized before, then such old domain names will perform poorly (not as clean as the new domain name).

All in all, doing SEO is still an old saying, don't listen to hearsay, ideas determine the way out, practice is the only criterion for testing the truth !!!

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