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  • "2017 Songsong Brothers Shanghai Party" successfully concluded

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In April 2017, the "2017 Songsong Brothers Shanghai Gathering", jointly organized by the Songsong brothers and Aichuang Research Institute, came to a successful conclusion. The party lasted 2 days and 2 nights and adopted an internal invitation system. An internal party of 50 people was originally expected, with a total of 80 participants, far exceeding expectations.

无社交,不创业:2017松松兄弟上海聚会剧透 经验心得 第1张

The purpose of this meeting is to promote the project cooperation of participants with the main purpose of "exchange sharing, cooperation and win-win" . Specifically, we spent a lot of time in the self-introduction session of the participants, so that all participants had the opportunity to speak on stage. Let the "entrepreneurs" in the audience have a clear understanding of the sharing people. Also set up 2 nights and book the same hotel, it is also convenient for the participants to communicate in depth. On entering the hotel on the first day in Shanghai, we found that many friends talked to 3-4 in the morning.

无社交,不创业:2017松松兄弟上海聚会剧透 经验心得 第2张

(Pictured before the conference)

The reason why the party adopts an internal invitation system is that most of the entrepreneurs are online promotion, Taobao marketing, website building, WeChat marketing, SEO optimization, and planning. The main purpose is to let everyone chat in the same pattern. The company is the most important reference standard. Among the 80-member party, the youngest member was Luo Sheng in 1998. He was less than 20 years old and had millions of people. After the largest members of the 60s, all of them are the owners of several companies. The number of participants this time is mainly based on Internet promotion and marketing. The largest age group in the conference is the post-80s generation, which has become a mainstay of society. Some people here have more than a hundred companies, some are ready to go public, and some Still looking for investors.

无社交,不创业:2017松松兄弟上海聚会剧透 经验心得 第3张

(The picture shows the host Long Shao)

So in the Shanghai gathering, Lu Songsong also specially invited several friends in the Shanghai financial circle, such as Sanban Finance, to specialize in capital, private equity and corporate docking, and share their experience with the participants. Popularize roadshows, capital, private equity, NEEQ and other related knowledge for companies interested in understanding capital and listed companies. This time the knowledge sharing of the capital market has been praised by the participants, giving us a deep understanding of the company's capital operation.

无社交,不创业:2017松松兄弟上海聚会剧透 经验心得 第4张

(The picture shows Mr. Bai Hongzhi of Sanban Finance)

无社交,不创业:2017松松兄弟上海聚会剧透 经验心得 第5张

(The picture shows the participants are listening to the guests to share)

无社交,不创业:2017松松兄弟上海聚会剧透 经验心得 第6张

(The picture shows that Lu Songsong is sharing the entrepreneurial story of the past two years. This is also the only time that he talked about himself. He mainly shared some failed experiences of entrepreneurship in the past two years.

The picture below is a list of participants to organize a meeting with specifications. In fact, registering this list is the most difficult. Everyone has different needs. This list will be continuously modified. We will meet on the 22nd, until the 21st Formally set the list and needs.

无社交,不创业:2017松松兄弟上海聚会剧透 经验心得 第7张

(The picture shows the 2017 Songsong Brothers Shanghai Party List)

Songsong Club is a community organization gathered by more than 300 "Internet" entrepreneurs. It was founded by Lu Songsong. We insist on public welfare and non-profit, and aim to let more entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial spirit get opportunities from it. Cooperation and win-win is our purpose, and we look forward to providing quality services to every member, making this community the most valuable organization in China.

In June 2014, the Songsong Brothers project was officially launched and officially renamed the Songsong Brothers Association at the end of the year. Currently, many offline exchange meetings have been held in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Wuhan. In the future, we will work to create a community system with strong ties between entrepreneurs, strengthen mutual connections with entrepreneurs, and build Songsong into a community organization that helps companies from 0 to 1.

Finally there is a big photo.

无社交,不创业:2017松松兄弟上海聚会剧透 经验心得 第8张

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