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Although this article analyzes Google, many of them are also used by other search engines. What I have to say is that the distance between "Baidu" and Google in search technology is still very far. Maybe the direction is to make money, OK ,let's start!

We analyzed 1 million search results (SERPs) back and forth this question: What factors are related to the ranking of search engines on the homepage? We have also found some interesting factors, and today we will share with you .

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第1张

1. Backlinks:

a) Although search engines have repeatedly reflected that backlinks are not important, the most important thing is the content of the website. However, we find that backlinks are still extremely important ranking factors for search engines. Quantity and ranking are more relevant than any other factor.

2. Link authority:

a) Our data also shows that the overall link authority of a website (such as the well-known ahrefs domain level) is closely related to rankings.

3. Segmentation:

a) We find that focusing on a sub-area is notable because the content is not discussed in depth. Therefore, content themes that focus on one area may be more conducive to ranking.

Content magnitude

a) Longer content often gets higher rankings in search engines. This is actually mentioned in many places. On the content level, Google contains an average of 1890 words. Although Baidu has not studied it, , But not less than 800 characters.

5. Advantages of HTTPS:

a) The ranking factor has a high correlation between HTTPS and search engine rankings. This is not surprising. HTTPS is the trend, which can ensure the security of websites and reduce the risk of traffic hijacking. The advantage of ranking.

6. Structured data markup

a) The data shows that structured data labels do not wish you a higher ranking

7. Multimedia optimization

a) The ranking of inserting an image in the body text is significantly higher than those pages without any image in the content. However, we have not found that adding more images has any effect on the ranking.

8. Add keywords to the title tag

a) After the keywords tag was directly discarded by search engines, we found that the impact of keywords in the title tag on rankings has become smaller, and this correlation is smaller than we expected, which may reflect the search engine Based on the phenomenon, we can see the essence through the phenomenon and accurately capture the real needs of the user's query, so as to return the search results he wants to the user more accurately. This is the semantic search.

9. Loading speed

a) Both Baidu and Google have been emphasizing the impact of website loading speed on rankings, especially on mobile devices. Baidu has publicly stated that loading speeds exceeding 3m will be eliminated by search engines, which corresponds to data stars. Loading speed Faster pages rank significantly higher than pages that load slowly.

10. Impact of anchor text

a) Although Google updated the Penguin algorithm many times, the precise anchor text still seems to have a great impact on rankings.

11. Bounce rate

a) We found that a website with a lower bounce rate has a higher correlation with a higher ranking.

Here are detailed data for your reference:

The number of backlinks has a great impact on rankings

Perhaps many people have heard that the advantages of multiple backlinks from the same domain name are gradually declining. In other words, connections from 10 different domain names have a higher rank than 10 connections under the same domain name. Ranking.

Based on the analysis of the data, we found that this seems to be the case, and we found that more domains bringing links have a significant impact on rankings.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第2张

What search engines want to see is that there are more websites in favor of your pages, and these links are in the eyes of search engines, and more websites under the domain name link to your website.

In fact, the only mention of the number of domain names was the most relevant throughout the study.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第3张

Important: Linking to your site from a bunch of different domain names is one of the most important factors in SEO.

Link authority has a higher impact on rankings in search engine results

Not surprisingly, we found that the overall link authority of a website has a high impact on rankings.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第4张

In fact, the overall authority of a website has a strong correlation with the authority of the page. In other words, your page has more domain links than the page itself.

Important: Increasing the number of website links may improve the ranking of other pages on the website.

Post comprehensive and in-depth feature content can boost rankings

In the early days of SEO, search engines could only determine the topic of a web page by keywords appearing on the web page. If the number of keywords appearing on the page was higher, the search engine would determine that the topic of the page was the keyword. Today, search engines can understand the theme of every webpage well.

For example, when you use Baidu to search for "Who is Andy Lau's wife" ...

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第5张

Baidu no longer needs to find web pages that contain the keyword "Who is Andy Lau's wife." Instead, it can already understand the meaning of the keyword and can directly provide an answer:

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第6张

As you can see, this has already had a significant impact on how our SEO optimizes content. In theory, search engines should prefer content that covers in-depth topics.

So does the real data agree with these conjectures?

And we found that comprehensive and rich content is obviously better than shallow content:

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第7张

This is interesting, but how do you write what the search engines think is comprehensive and rich? Find two examples from the data set to see.

First, there is a news page about "Busch Gardens fun card".

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第8张

This page uses a lot of traditional SEO techniques, such as keywords included in the tags: title tags, H1 tags, etc. In addition, this page also has many external links, through the most authoritative ahrefs domain level 64.

However, the keyword "Busch Gardens fun card" on this page ranks tenth in Google, part of the reason for this low level is because the content on the page has a very low professional rating.

Let's add another page about the keywords of "Balinese satay sauce":

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第9张

This page provides a lot of information on the keywords of "Balinese satay sauce". This part relates to the history of "Balinese satay sauce" in Indonesia, the use of recipes, and even provides the nutritional value of "Balinese satay sauce".

Although the keyword "Indonesian Satay Sauce" does not appear on the page of this page, but the search keyword, this page is ranked on the first page.

Important: Comprehensive and in-depth content will help you rank in search engines.

Impact of content body information characters on SEO:

We cleaned up useless data from data sources (pages with less than 50 characters and 9999 characters), and we found that longer content was clearly better than shorter content.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第10张

In fact, after analysis, we found that the average number of characters on the first page of Google's results reached 1,890.

In the previous search engine ranking factors, longer content did have a higher ranking in search engines.

This relevance may be due to the fact that longer content can generate more social media sharing. Another theory is that longer content can increase the relevance of web topics, which allows search engines to understand your content more deeply. The theme of the web page, at the same time, it can also reflect the importance of the website to the content, rather than just writing junk sites.

Important: The number of words has an advantage over the number of words in the ranking. The average number of words on the first page of Google's search results is 1,890 words.

HTTPS is directly related to high ranking

Last year, search engines have been calling on webmasters to use HTTPS for the safety of their websites. The search engine even directly stated that https is one of the ranking factors. So, what about our data?

Although this is not a particularly high ranking factor, we also found that HTTPS in Google's first page search results still has a certain impact on rankings.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第11张

Does this mean that you should also switch to the HTTPS version? Of course, this is your own decision, but switching to HTTPS is also a headache technical task, which will involve 301 jumps, and the webmaster platform submission And the possible risk of falling rankings.

Important: The impact of HTTPS on ranking is not particularly strong. Switching to HTTPS also requires a large amount of work. If it is only for SEO, then it is not recommended to switch to the HTTPS version. However, if you are doing a brand new site, then you should list HTTPS as a required item.

Relevance of structured data to ranking

There has been a discussion about the direct relationship between structure and ranking. These theories are like this. Structure can enable search engines to better understand your website and display it to more users.

For example, you can use Structured data tags to let Google know that when you use the word "Star Wars", you are referring to the original movie title:

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第12张

Or you can use structured data to display data such as the price of your website products

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第13张

All these things can help you optimize your rankings. In fact, Google's John Mueller has hinted that structured data will be one of the ranking factors in the future.

Any second, based on these 1 million analysis results, it can be concluded that structured data has little relevance to rankings.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第14张

Important: Use structured data to display the content of your web pages, but don't expect this to help your rankings.

Will short URLs rank better than long URLs?

SEO usually recommends using short URLs for better search engine optimization. Why? There are two reasons.

First, a short URL will be easier to understand.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第15张

The above data can also confirm this view. At the same time, the simpler the URL structure, the better, usually no more than three layers, because the more the URL structure layer, the lower its authority.

Important: Use URLs that are as short and structured as possible to allow search engines to better understand your web pages.

Content pages use at least one image to rank even more because pages without any images

(But there is no difference between using more than one picture and one)

Industry research finds that web pages with rich pictures can often lead to higher traffic and social media sharing, so does the picture have any impact on the ranking? What we need to see is the comparison between the pictures on the main part of the page and the pictures that do not exist Ranking comparison. According to the data, there is at least one picture that is significantly higher than web pages without any pictures.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第16张

However, we didn't find any correlation when we wanted to know the relationship between the number of pictures and the ranking.

Important: Use at least one picture for your subject matter. Of course, too many pictures are not really useful for ranking.

The relationship between the use of precise keywords and rankings in title is very small.

Because in the history of search development, it has been a long time that keywords must be included in the title. This is the most important point in the SEO element, because your title is to show search engines the topic information of your web page, and it can also attract more Multiple clicks, which can have a big impact on rankings.

However, the search now has entered the era of semantic search. At this time, the title tag is no longer as critical to ranking as it used to be. Although it is also relevant, it is already very small.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第17张

This finding indicates that search engines no longer need to know the subject matter of your web page through the keywords contained in your title tag. For example, the following is the search results page for the search keyword "list building".

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第18张

Note that the first six results (including the number one result) do not contain the exact keyword "list building" in their title tags.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第19张

This is a reflection that search has been taken away from the precise keywords, while using semantic search.

Important: Including complete keywords in the title is helpful for ranking, but with the development of semantic search, this has gradually been called history.

Websites load faster than websites that load more slowly

Since 2010, Google has publicly stated that the loading speed of the website is one of the factors affecting the ranking, including the recent exit of Baidu ’s MIP, which has repeatedly stressed this issue. But we are also curious, how much does loading speed affect rankings?

Our data also indicates that the loading speed of a website has a great impact on rankings.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第20张

Important point: faster loading speeds can lead to better search rankings

More external links = higher rankings

External links can be said to be the most discussed thing in the search engine rankings. However, since the development of search engines, many people have started to say that external links have become less and less important. I believe you are also curious. Is this important for Google?

Data show that websites with more external links tend to get higher rankings.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第21张

Although the search engine constantly adjusts its algorithms to crack down on external links. But this is still a very important influencing factor.

Important point: pages with more external links tend to rank higher than pages with fewer external links

Relevance of link quality to ranking

In addition to the total number of external links, how much does the quality of external links have on rankings? Most SEOs think that the quality of links is as important as the number of links. In other words, to get 1 link from a high-quality page The 100 low-quality links that 100 sites get are even more important.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第22张

The data shows that the quality of external links does affect the ranking, but it does not affect the overall number of links as much.

Remark: need to pay attention to the overall link quality of your web page

Impact of using precise anchor text on rankings

Since Google released the Penguin algorithm in 2012, many SEO experts have advised against using precise anchor text to build backlinks. However, some search engine ranking studies have found that anchor text is still very important for ranking. This is why it is important to study the importance of anchor text for ranking.

We found that exact-matched anchor text is still important for ranking.

In early SEO, building accurate anchor text backlinks was a very important factor for ranking. For example, your optimized keyword is online flower delivery. You need to ensure that your anchor text is this keyword:

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第23张

However, the current Penguin algorithm can already determine this deliberately optimized behavior. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of accurate anchor text, because it will bear the corresponding risks, although this has a great impact on ranking.

Re-note: precise anchor text has a great impact on rankings, but due to the risks involved, it is not recommended to use accurate anchor text.

Impact of bounce rate on ranking

In SEO optimization, many people think that search will use "user experience" (such as bounce rate, average dwell time, and click-through rate) as ranking factors.

分析了100万个搜索结果,验证了16个SEO优化的核心影响因素 SEO推广 第24张

In fact, the data shows that bounce rate does have a relatively large impact on rankings.

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