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  • To those "Internet" friends who are on the road to "entrepreneurship"

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The purpose of writing this article is to give some advice to those "Internet" friends who are on the road to "entrepreneurship" and use my experience on the Internet to tell you a story of my own business. I hope everyone can learn something useful from my business gains and losses, and make myself less detours.

Speaking of grassroots webmasters, friends who are engaged in the Internet will not be unfamiliar. It is widely spread with the rise of the Internet. It mainly refers to personal webmasters, online store managers, personal independent blogs, etc. living on the bottom of the Internet The struggling entrepreneurial group can say without exaggeration that the development of the Internet cannot be separated from the support of grassroots webmasters, who are the backbone of the rise of the network.

Looking back, I still clearly remember the first time I contacted the Internet. At that time, the most popular Internet chat room was the chat rooms. The chat rooms are a chat room program that uses the scenes of the rivers and lakes. There are many types. The earliest is the kind of on-hook bubble point. Alas, you reply to each other in a word and a word mode. At the time, voice and video chat were still rare. Because rivers and lakes chat rooms are much more powerful than ordinary chats, I fell in love with rivers and lakes chat rooms.

分享一路走来的互联网创业心得 经验心得 第1张

The picture above is the current rivers and lakes chat room, which is much more fancy and powerful than the previous version. Chat rooms are charged by the membership system, or profitable by selling virtual equipment.

The Jianghu chat room opened the first step of my entrepreneurship. I learned to play first, and then I prepared to make a Jianghu chat room to make money myself. In order to make a Jianghu chat room, I also traveled a long way. After returning from my studies to study medicine and art, I started I set out to be a chat room, looking for a virtual space, although it was hard, but I was happy.

Probably also at that time I had my first QQ number. I remember to buy it from an Internet cafe for 8 yuan, because I did n’t know how to apply for a QQ number. It was an 8-digit QQ number. I did n’t know it then. The value of a 5 or 6 digit QQ number, I just want to own a QQ number first, and use it as a chat tool. At the same time, it is also a kind of showing off capital. The most popular sentence among friends and classmates at the time was: Do you have a QQ? ? Tell me, I add you. "

With QQ, chatting has become more convenient, and my love for the Internet has also grown day by day. It has become overwhelming. "Learning hacking," learning to build stations, and learning to promote, the bitterness and bitterness of the day and night, and the struggle to tell the dark, when A grassroots webmaster is a very hard work, but it is full of fun and makes people want to stop.

After that, I came into contact with the legend of the first online game, which once swept the north and south, and became a favorite game for young people.

After the game version was leaked, many private servers appeared on the Internet. Private servers are network servers that were set up after illegally obtaining server-side installation programs without authorization from the copyright owner. They are essentially network piracy, and the result of piracy is a direct diversion of operators. Profit.

At that time, as long as you can build a legendary private server, it is appropriate to make money. Of course, there are still people who make private servers and can make money, but there is no market anymore. Opportunities can be earned.

Gaining money from games is the most profitable. As an Internet entrepreneur, I will not miss such a good opportunity. I learned to build a legendary private server and sell members to sell some equipment to earn some money. This is really a tool to make money using the Internet Come on. Later, a fantasy westbound private service was also built to make money by selling game coins and other methods.

Making money in online games is a very easy job. Even if you do n’t build a private server, you can make money by playing. You can repeatedly provide a certain demand to the player to make money from it.

Playing games can make money, and making others like you like games is also the way to make money. As long as you have a group of people who like you and those who support you, it is what we commonly call iron powder and steel powder. It is difficult for you to want to be poor in your life. Because all products are designed around the needs of human nature. As long as you continue to create valuable products, you benefit the community and enrich your wallet.

With the rise of Taobao's online shopping and the development of users' online habits, more and more people have begun to believe that Internet entrepreneurship can really make money. Grassroots webmasters are also trying to make a variety of ways to make money and build chat rooms. , Forums, personal blogs, etc. These are "very easy ways to make money."

In the early days of the rise of Internet entrepreneurship, many people like me to fight alone and belong to the actual operation type, a bit like Luban, completely rely on their own deliberations, and can even be said to be behind closed doors. When the Internet is underdeveloped, as long as you have a website or a forum, you can call it a grassroots webmaster, and most webmasters make money from ad networks, that is, as long as you can play the website, you can easily made money.

However, with the development of the Internet, relying on the Internet to make money is no longer an easy job, just like the supply and demand relationship of the property market changes today, it may still be in short supply, but as the population structure changes, there will be oversupply. The glory of the property market will surely become a yellow flower tomorrow, as will the Internet. When everyone tastes the sweetness of Internet entrepreneurship, a large number of people come in, the competition will become extremely fierce, and it will no longer be easy to make money. Already.

If the grassroots webmaster wants to achieve success in Internet entrepreneurship, he must keep pace with the times, constantly improve himself, and make unremitting efforts to get out of his own world.

分享一路走来的互联网创业心得 经验心得 第2张

Next, I want to talk about the experience and experience of entrepreneurship. I hope readers and friends can learn some truths and get some help from it.

First, the foundation of entrepreneurial success is the team

At the beginning of getting involved in the Internet, like most grassroots webmasters, I did not consider the importance of the team, which put entrepreneurship into a bottleneck. The lessons of failure made me deeply realize the importance of teamwork. "Help" is a very important and indispensable resource for the Internet.

"Anyone wants to succeed, there are only two ways: either to build a career and build a gang of confidants; or to follow a person and strive to be his confidant, there is no third way to go! Individuals without success Only successful teams. "This phrase popular on the Internet speaks of the essence of entrepreneurship: either find like-minded friends and do a business together, which is called crowdfunding equity; or attach to potential stocks, do n’t pay attention and win Once, follow someone and win a lifetime.

As for which path to choose, it depends on your own strength. In comparison, the second path is much less risky. You only need to make a plan and give it carefully, and you may become a partner of the core equity. Because the predecessors have already set a course, as long as we continue to follow the "rut", we may succeed. Unless your career is at the forefront and you can't figure it out, you need to explore it yourself. Of course, such blue ocean businessmen have greater opportunities, provided that your products, services, and experiences must be the ultimate.

Second, you must have a clear idea to guide your business.

As I mentioned before, all products are designed around human nature. To put it bluntly, you have to know what the reason people like your product is, why you must use your product, is it just needed or needed Before you start a business, you must think repeatedly and ask yourself: what do you want, what do you need most.

Third, entrepreneurship requires continuous learning

The learning here is not just the knowledge in books. In many cases, some people learn to get rich in five cars, but often they just talk about it on paper. This is not helpful for starting a business. Compared with the knowledge in books, communicating with others is more important. Communicating more and listening to their lectures is far better than studying hard.

Some entrepreneurs work very hard, ten times more than the average person, but still can't succeed. Why? Because they went in the wrong direction from the beginning, they are completely different. Therefore, the strategic direction of entrepreneurs is very important, and these often require "superior guidance", which is also the core of learning from others.

Only through the guidance of others and the gradual groping of oneself, never giving up and persisting, can we succeed. A word of caution: In the process of starting your business, you have to keep in mind three kinds of people: one is to defend you, one is tolerant to you, and one is to criticize you. Such people are very important to your growth.

Fourth, seize business opportunities

Grassroots webmasters need to read a lot of Internet information every day to grasp the latest money-making business opportunities, because in the Internet era, business opportunities are often fleeting, and many projects are time-effective. Whoever seizes the opportunity first can make money. To money.

Just like the blue ocean strategy, the fewer people know, the more it shows that it is the most profitable, and when all people know and participate, it is not easy to make money. The price of this is the cruelty of the market, we call it the Red Sea.

Fifth, don't complain about others, learn to review yourself

There is a saying called "Generals are incompetent, exhausting the three armies!" Many companies do not do much, most of them are related to the problems of the leaders themselves, and the performance of the employees is poor. There is something wrong with you first.

For example, the fault is in selecting the wrong person; the fault is in the way of leading people; the fault is in the establishment of standardized systems and processes and standards; the fault is in not good at training employees, not empowering employees to exercise their ability; the fault is in not establishing competition mechanism......

The above is my experience of starting a business for many years. If you want to start a business, or if you are on the way to start a business, you must remember one sentence: "Talk to the soldiers on paper", plan and move!

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