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Corporate websites are relatively simple due to their limited functionality. Therefore, reflecting the quality of a corporate website, design occupies a very important link.
企业网站形象不佳 Most Fuzhou corporate websites have a poor image

In the early stage of the Internet, people chatted online and then met with netizens. It is said that when many netizens met, some even broke up as soon as they met, and never met. This is because when using online chat tools, everyone shows their best, and even in order to make themselves very good, there is deceptive behavior. Then, on the day of meeting, the disguise will always be broken!

This is also the case for corporate websites. Companies and websites are people and machines. Users accessing websites are also people and machines. This is an inherent model. Websites are interactions between people and machines. The ultimate goal is also achieved by communication between people.

If the corporate website and offline image are perfectly combined, when the user visits face to face through actual visits, there will be a familiar taste, which has a lot to do with the unity of offline and online sites. However, many Corporate websites have over-used the website's practicality, and more than two-thirds of domestic corporate website images differ greatly from corporate images.

An overseas advertising company found through a survey that if a company's website has enough affinity and attractiveness, then the company can build a closer and stronger relationship with its customers through the website.

Corporate website image is not clear

The corporate website image should be one of the most distinctive features that distinguishes other similar brands, and most of the current websites are almost fully functional without any special features. That is to say, when opening a website, the layout is such news, community, video, games, etc., and even the same advertising, some Internet companies also have such problems, such as the first four major portals, Sina, Netease, Sohu. , QQ, etc., have almost the same layout. Today, the four major portal sites have begun to differentiate in the highly competitive Internet market, such as Sina Weibo, Netease Games, Sohu Video, QQ WeChat and other unique features, and portals that were homogenized from the beginning The website is developing towards personalization.

The consensus of corporate websites is still in 2014. In just two years, for some impatient companies, almost all of them are imitating others. Maybe they need to imitate in the early stage, but in the later stage, they need to differentiate. route. As a corporate website, if you just stay at the stage where the website is only promoting corporate information, there is no obvious brand proposition, it is difficult for the website to develop greatly!

The corporate website image is important, but the function must be perfect
I mentioned the importance of image design in Fuzhou's corporate website, but a good display station needs to be fully functionally supported. For example, if you have a website that is very beautiful, but you click on the links, there is no response and the functionality is not perfect. Then it will be more effective.

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