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Many companies want the richer the dynamic effect of their website, the better, just the flash website can meet this requirement. In fact, the FLASH website editor thinks it is not worth doing. The following is the analysis of the Fuzhou website construction editor.
Speaking of flash animation website production in the early years, no one knows it. Most people are proud of their website and have a flash animation. In the past two years, the production of flash animation websites has been heard no more, as if a drop of water was suddenly evaporated and disappeared without a trace. The reasons for the disappearance of flash animation website production are in addition to the three main factors that we have previously analyzed: Flash animation website production is not conducive to search engine crawling of website content, slow website opening, and popular smart mobile devices do not support flash animation. Another crucial flaw is the large post-maintenance engineering of flash animation website production.
The most widely used flash animation website is the real estate project website. In the early years, almost 95% of the real estate project websites used flash animation production, so that the flash animation website production became the benchmark for real estate project website production. . The reason why the real estate project website uses flash animation website production, in addition to the flash animation production is cool, a large reason is that the content of the real estate project website is one-time, for example, the real estate type apartment plan is basically fixed, and no later update modify.
However, if we usually use flash animation for corporate website production, it may not be suitable. One flash animation website is expensive to produce, and then the corporate website is updated and modified a lot. Because the usual flash animation production uses timeline frames and script code to control the animation, we usually only modify it a little bit, but the flash may be very active. Seemingly inconspicuously modifying some element animations, and possibly corresponding other animation position calls, etc., must be modified, which can be said to affect the whole body. This is also a major factor in the difficulty of maintaining flash animation website production in the later stage, and it is also a major factor that makes flash animation website production not subject to the majority of corporate users.
Internet technology updates and replacements are also commonplace. One type of technology will inevitably be accompanied by another type of technology. Flash animations are replaced by html5 and css3 code animations. Times are changing and technology applications are changing.
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