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  • Discussion on the Standards and Techniques of Logo Design in Fuzhou Website Construction

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Designing your own logo is not a very difficult task, as long as you follow some corresponding logo design specifications and skills, use a convenient and appropriate software, refer to other excellent logo designs, spend some creativity and time, you You can also design a satisfactory logo. This tutorial explains some specifications and techniques related to logo design.
Logo design is undoubtedly an art form, but not everyone who wants to design a logo is of artistic origin. There are some webmasters, freelancers, design beginners or small design teams who are not specialized in logo design, but hope to master some basic specifications and skills of logo design. If you belong to these people, this tutorial is just right suits you.
The quality of the logo design will affect your customers or potential customers' views on you. It is a facade of you, so the importance of logo design cannot be underestimated. Designing a good logo can add a lot to marketing.
Some questions about logo design
1. What is a logo?
A logo is a graphic logo that is used by the public to promote a company or brand. The logo can be just a graphic, it can also be a combination of graphics and text, or a deformation of the text, which gives the logo a great degree of freedom in creative design.
2. Where should the logo be used?
-business card
-Social network (such as China Renren, Sina Weibo)
-Office envelopes, notes
-List of goods
Basically, you can use the logo anywhere you want to promote your company or brand. This means you can even put it on the surface of a car, a T-shirt.
3. What software should I use to design the logo?
Technically, any vector drawing software can be used to design a logo. If you are in the Adobe camp, illustrator is a good choice, or Inkscape (free software). You can also use the vector drawing function of photoshop to design a logo, but it is not as powerful as professional vector drawing software.
Or if you haven't started into the world of vector graphics, you can create a large size in Photoshop to design your logo. Because bitmap scaling is not like lossless scaling for vector graphics.
4. What are some easy mistakes for logo design?
Many people underestimate the importance of logo design, so they don't take the time to design it, resulting in a badly designed logo. Here are some mistakes that beginners can easily make when designing a logo.
1. Use some fonts that are everywhere
2. Unmatched color matching
3. The design is too crowded (too much detail, color, etc.)
4. No personality
5. Designed to be close to other logos

The above is Wen Chang's "Talking about the Standards and Techniques in Logo Design" shared by Fuzhou Website Construction. I hope everyone can help.
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