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How to highlight the value of a corporate website in the manufacturing of Fuzhou websites is very relevant to the planning of keywords throughout the page. Except that we usually focus on the main keywords and long tail keywords, how should we analyze them in detail? Really exploring the wording logic behind the keywords that are planned to the entire page is the key direction we consider.
Fuzhou website construction explains layout issues for you
In the production of the Fuzhou website, we need to think from the perspective of customers and users, iterate the page layout style, and their thinking and hobby to lay out these keywords. Deeply digging their needs can truly make our own web pages. They need to perform keyword layout for web pages.
From the analysis of overall user search habits and search destinations, we can roughly divide the keywords searched by users into navigation search keywords, information search keywords, and transaction search keywords for overall page layout.
The first is a navigational search. People who search for such words do not have any purpose, just thinking about a page to understand the industry. Then the page that meets this need should be the page that provides the most choice. A navigation page about the detailed attributes of a product, such as product pictures, introduction, price, reviews, sellers, etc. is as diverse as possible. If you are a big site You can put these keywords on the homepage or under the second-level domain name.

Fuzhou website construction explains layout issues for you
The second is information-based search. Searching for such words is based on certain information storage, that is, knowing a little bit, but it is not clear what specific answers are more detailed, which is why they are looking for them. Need to be able to give searchers more detailed information and more choices. This is a group of customers that can be won over. If you are interested in our introduction, you can attract them. This requires detailed answers using aggregate pages or column pages. Give more valuable things.
The last is the type search, which is an important keyword that can generate sales and conversions. The general search for such words has such a demand, and you want to stop the final selection of the time, which is targeted at either product details The content on the page is either an interest in the price of the product. To do this kind of word is to use the final product page or article page to stop planning keywords.
Control what kind of people will enter what kind of pages, who would prefer to see your product in more detail, speaking can be deceiving, but the behavior measures are very honest, its professional perspective to analyze, to answer questions, Fuzhou website manufacturing we are more professional. Planning is especially important for a website.

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