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  • Some notes on the construction and maintenance of Fuzhou enterprise website

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Xiaobian has been engaged in website construction in Fuzhou for many years. Many companies put the website there and build it and leave it alone. This approach is very wrong. When the website is ready, we should update the website regularly and build more external links. For maintenance work, which tasks are the most critical in daily corporate website maintenance work, Fuzhou website construction is summarized as follows
Corporate website maintenance needs to pay attention to corporate website audience experience: for webmasters, it is not daily to update the corporate website graphic content, just a few external links is done, but also the corporate website audience experience of key corporate websites is always updated daily Whether the graphic content of the corporate website is included in the search engine, whether it is read by corporate website audiences, how long it takes for general corporate website audiences to browse this article, and what the bounce rate is, you need to pay attention to these. According to the statistics of the CNNZ webmasters of the website, only if you take a little time and carefully study the next day when you write an article, you will know how to write it, which are the concerns of corporate website audiences, and corporate website audiences want to see Which corporate website graphic content, slowly you will know. Of course, the corporate website audience experience includes many important points. This is just one of the important points. If you want to do a good job of the corporate website audience experience, then the majority of webmasters should pay more attention to research.

Fuzhou Website Construction and Maintenance
Corporate website maintenance requires stable and fresh corporate website graphic content updates: This work will always be the focus of corporate website maintainers. No matter what type of corporate website, the corporate website needs to update the corporate website Graphic content, without the support of the corporate website graphic content, not to mention the development of corporate website, if the corporate website is alive, it is necessary to regularly write some fresh corporate website graphic content daily to update the corporate website, the corporate website only Only when the graphic content of a new corporate website increases, can it attract the visits of search engine spiders and corporate website audiences. Otherwise, every time a search engine spider comes to your corporate website and there is nothing new to crawl, you will not bother to come again next time. Search If the engine spider doesn't come, all kinds of problems will appear on the corporate website. These are common sense as the maintainers of the corporate website.

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