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Xiaobian often encounters the concept of mobile phone website and WeChat website from Fuzhou customers. They think the two are the same, but they are different. The two are related but not the same. I will introduce them to you below.
What is a mobile website
Also called mobile device website, Wap website. It is a website specifically designed to typeset the screens of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Only by browsing on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets can you get the best user experience. This type of website can be collectively referred to as a mobile website.
With the increasing processing speed of smart phones, the trend of mobile phone websites is H5, and the display effects are getting more and more beautiful.
What is a WeChat website
WeChat website can also be called WeChat website for short. It uses the secondary development interface of WeChat public platform to connect mobile phone website and WeChat to achieve the purpose of mutual communication and data sharing. Therefore, strictly speaking, it cannot be classified side by side with computer websites and mobile phone websites, but since WeChat has hundreds of millions of users, and there are many people speaking, naturally this concept also exists.
What is the difference between a mobile station and a WeChat station?
The most essential difference between a mobile station and a WeChat station is the use of a WeChat secondary development interface to enable WeChat and a mobile site to communicate with each other. A WeChat site is not actually a website. WeChat is just a combination of WeChat platform functions and mobile station functions. ,

So is there a big difference in price between the two, in fact, it depends on what kind of interface development the company does on WeChat. The above is the article "Difference between Fuzhou Mobile Website and Micro Website" shared by Fuzhou Website Construction for you. I hope it will be helpful for you to understand the micro website and mobile website.
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