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Website filing is an indispensable and cumbersome part of website construction, but in this link, normal Internet companies can do a good job for you, as long as the company provides corresponding information, and the filing also includes individual filing and corporate filing. . Below, I will explain some details of website filing for you slowly

Website filing is an indispensable procedure for daily corporate website building. Many people choose Hong Kong servers or foreign servers for convenience and convenience. As for why the website should be filed, it is a website that uses a domestic server. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China has uniformly stipulated that it must be filed. Many people's website filing is done purely to complete the regulations, and they don't know what are the benefits of website filing? Next, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of corporate website filing for you.
I. Advantages:
The first advantage of website filing is that you can use a domestic server. If your website is sold domestically instead of foreign trade, then using a domestic server will have a faster web browsing speed than using Hong Kong and foreign servers. Nowadays, the number of Internet websites can be described as numerous. In this dazzling and self-concerned website, most people pay attention to the speed of opening the website, and the speed is naturally more popular, because many people are unwilling to wait, and the second Pay attention to the beauty of the website. Furthermore, websites using domestic servers are more favored by domestic search engines than websites using Hong Kong or foreign servers, and their website servers are more easily crawled by search engines, which is also a great advantage for website inclusion and weight improvement.
In addition, a website with a record is more difficult to be seized. A website record is equivalent to an identity registration. If you have a formal passport in the Internet field of this country, it will not be investigated. If your website is not filed in the Internet field of this country, It is equivalent to migrants or black households, and it is common for websites to be interrogated.
Finally, it is better to join some regular website alliances with record sites. At the same time, in the daily exchange of friendly links, most website operators like to exchange friendly links with sites with records, because the sites with records are generally relatively reliable. Click and be safe.
The disadvantages of website filing are slow time and many processes. Website registration: The website owner must go to the website service provider to take a photo with a curtain. At the same time, he must fill in a stamped network information security commitment, website verification form, and provide a scanned copy of the website responsible person's ID card and a business license scan. The documents are delivered to the Communications Administration for review. The review time is generally within 10 working days.
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