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How much does it cost to build a website, why do some people report it for only a few hundred dollars, and some people do it for a few dollars? Is there a list of website construction, why is the price difference so much?
It takes technician time to build a website. The longer a technician spends on a website, the more expensive it is. Why do some websites cost only a few hundred yuan? Because a website with a few hundred yuan can be completed by a technician within a few hours. . Well, a website of several W yuan may take a technician a month or two, so the price is expensive.
So how to measure the time spent by a website technician, there are two main types of websites, one is a template, and the other is a custom station. The so-called template station is to replace the content and pictures on the basis of the built website, without modifying the layout. Such a website general technician can get it within half a day. Customizing the station is to design the artwork according to the customer's requirements. After the design of the artwork meets the customer's needs, the client will be on the program. Therefore, this kind of development costs a lot. A simple enterprise custom station artwork is estimated to take two days. It takes programmers two or three days to put together about five days, which is much longer than the time spent by the template station, so the cost is much higher.
So the question is coming, is the template station better or the custom station? There are cottages all over China, so it may be a good idea to copy the website. Our website is also a template station. The program downloaded on the website is then replaced with its own pictures and content Down. Of course, some customers like their website to be unique on the market. Then you can use the form of custom station, the cost may be much more expensive than the template station.
So all in all, how much a website costs depends on the time spent by the technician. The above is the article "Details of Website Construction Quotation, How Much Money Does Website Construction Need" brought by the editor of Fuzhou Website Construction. I hope you have read the website price.
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