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A website domain name is an important part, so users should first try to think of their corresponding domain names before preparing to build a website. It is not possible to change the domain name during the operation of the website. This practice is extremely detrimental to website construction. If not necessary, don't do this.

The domain name is the web brand of the webmaster, or the business card, website content traffic, etc. are closely related to the domain name. A good domain name plays a very important role in the operation of the website. Some webmasters are forced to change the domain name because adsense is blocked, the domain name is search engine K station, the domain name is hijacked by the telecommunications operator, the website development needs, and other methods are forced to change the domain name, and some SEOer actively change the domain name. This article will analyze the cost of replacing a domain name for your reference.
I. Case Study of Changing Domain Name
(1) Sina Weibo Change Domain Name
In April 2011, the domain name of Sina Weibo was changed, which has a very positive meaning for the future development of Sina Weibo, because the domain name ( can be operated independently at any time according to the needs of business development, and it is easy for netizens to remember and harmonize with Chinese. propagation. Sina Weibo resolves new and old domain names to Weibo at the same time. At the beginning, the main function is in the old domain name, and it gradually transfers the function to the new domain name by sending advertisements such as soft posts. This gives users enough time to perform new and old domain names. Replacement.
(II) New Oriental launches new domain name
New Oriental abandons the old domain name and enables the new domain name. The old domain name is composed of two English words, New and Oriental. is longer. The new domain name is composed of the first letter of New Oriental Chinese Pinyin. The domain name Shorter and more consistent with Chinese memory habits. In addition, New Oriental held a grand launch ceremony of for the domain name change. With all efforts, the new domain name launch has achieved very good results.
The disadvantages of changing domain names
When changing the domain name, it is impossible that all webmasters can spend money to advertise or send soft texts, especially for small webmasters. Their general approach is to notify the website in the friendly link when changing the domain name, and ask them to change the domain name, but There are still disadvantages, because it is impossible to notify all websites. Many customers will still enter through the old domain name. You need to force users to access the new domain name by performing a 301 redirect on the domain name. The 301 reset can also notify search engines to change the domain name. Changing the domain name can easily lead to misunderstanding of search engines, and it will be considered that the website is unstable and deprecated.
As a new webmaster, you need to spend more time and energy to think about it. You must choose a good domain name. The domain name should be “one step in place”, because when we spend a lot of manpower and material resources to make a website bigger, we want to change the domain name. It will have a huge impact on website traffic and fame. Spend a lot of money to promote new domain names, as well as other negative effects. Be careful.

The above Fuzhou website company analyzes what are the disadvantages of changing the domain name for you. I hope you know something about the domain name. If you have any questions about the domain name, please feel free to contact us.
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