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What is WeChat Mall? As the most popular social information platform nowadays, it is also a major portal for mobile terminals. It is evolving into a large business transaction platform. As long as consumers use WeChat mall, they can realize product inquiry, purchase, experience, interaction, ordering and payment Online and offline integrated service model. So naturally, WeChat Mall is getting hotter and hotter, so how does WeChat Mall do it?
So what does WeChat Mall do ? Wechat mall practices generally have two modes
Register an account directly on a WeChat camp platform <br /> This development cost is relatively low and the development cycle is short. You only need to register an account on a platform, and then fill in the corresponding public account interface information immediately When generating a WeChat mall, the shortcoming templates are fixed and cannot be easily expanded. However, it can be achieved functionally, and the general cost is between two and three thousand yuan. Our company also independently developed this WeChat marketing platform. If you need this type of micro mall, please contact us.
One is a custom development type, freely designing the interface and custom functions according to your functions and design requirements. <br /> This is a website customization type. According to your needs, you can customize the website pages for you. The advantages and functions are relatively easy to expand. The disadvantage is of course the cost. A simple WeChat mall generally costs at least one yuan.

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