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Which internet company does Fuzhou P2P loan financial management system have, and which one does it? If there are enterprises or individuals in Fuzhou who want to make this system, this problem is very important for them. If it is a customized P2P, the price is very expensive, the editor of Fuzhou website construction estimates that the price is around 10W or higher, then is there any more favorable? If the budget of the enterprise or individual is not sufficient, Jianyi will use the current system to develop directly, so the cost may be reduced by half, and the price is about four or five W. Our company has developed a P2P loan financing system on its own several years ago. Therefore, the development technology is relatively mature, and it is developed in our previous system. If the customer has not expanded the functions, the price is between four and five. So what is P2P?
Fuzhou P2P Lending Wealth Management System
P2P finance, also known as P2P credit, is a type of Internet finance (ITFIN). Meaning: person-to-person.
P2P finance refers to small-scale loan transactions between individuals. Generally, e-commerce professional network platforms are needed to help borrowers and lenders establish loan relationships and complete related transaction procedures. Borrowers can publish loan information by themselves, including the amount, interest, repayment method and time, and decide on the amount of lending to realize self-service loans.
In 2015, the national P2P online loan transaction volume exceeded 1 trillion yuan, reaching 1,180.565 billion yuan, an increase of 258.62% year-on-year; the cumulative historical turnover was 16,312.115 billion yuan.
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