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More and more companies will set up their own corporate websites, but most companies only build a display website, and very few companies will build a mall website. In fact, building a mall website is more suitable for enterprises to carry out online marketing. Why?
To give a very simple example, when we see a very favorite thing in a physical store, we usually say, "This is good, I can go online to see where it is sold?" Especially these young people after the 90s, this concept is more important . And the effect of the display website is the same. Customers may see that your product is good here, but the first reaction is to look for other places to sell it, because the display website only has a display effect.
The mall website is not the same. The mall website can not only display products, but also drive customer purchase desires through discount promotions and other activities to keep customers. Moreover, building an official flagship online shop belonging to the enterprise has higher credibility. After all, Bao's fakes are very famous.
It is not difficult for enterprises to build a website for a mall. After all, it is the 21st century network information age. Then the question comes. How much does it cost to build a mall website in Fuzhou ?

The Fuzhou Mall website is as low as several thousand yuan and as high as several W. If it is an ordinary enterprise, it only needs to build a single-user mall system. The so-called single user is selling its own things on its own website platform. , Similar to Taobao.

Our article mainly introduces the single-user mall system. Our mall system is independently developed and is different from the open source ECSHOP, shopex and other mall systems on the market. The most important thing is that the price is as low as 3999 yuan. Then the question arises, why do other online companies build Wonder Web sites and why your company is so cheap? Because our company has a lot of finished mall products already built, customers only need to choose one of them for 3999 yuan, and we carry out secondary development on this basis, so the development cost is relatively low, so the cost is naturally cheaper. Of course, if some customers like to customize their favorite pages, this is a custom mall site, which may be expensive. But Xiaobian thinks that the interface of the mall is nothing more than product display, and the design to design is nothing more than those things, so Xiaobian Jianyi just buy ready-made templates, and it may not be worse than the designed page!

The above is the introduction of the price of the mall website by Fuzhou Website Construction. If you are in Fuzhou and just want to build a mall website, you can contact us. Believe it will make you great value for money! !!
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