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With the popularity of WeChat, many companies now want to promote their products through WeChat, so at this time it is imperative to build a WeChat website. How much does it cost to build a WeChat website in Fuzhou?
Our company has a self-developed WeChat marketing platform. Customers do not need space and domain names to register with us. They only need to register a member on our platform and bind their own WeChat public account to belong to their own WeChat website.
So what's the difference between our microsite and mobile site? Mobile stations are suitable for mobile browsing, but they are not combined with WeChat accounts, so they do not have any advantages over WeChat in terms of marketing.
Fuzhou Microsite
Our platform has more than 400 sets of micro-sites for you to choose freely. If you are not satisfied, you can also create your own favorite micro-site portfolios as freely as Taobao. And the cost here is surprisingly cheap, it only needs 1,000 yuan. The effect is no less than that of more than 5,000 yuan on the market. Dear friends, are you ready to build a micro-website? If you have any intentions, please call 18558752805 Xiaohuang
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