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In the past few years, with the universal use of mobile phone users, WeChat has emerged as the times require, and the WeChat platform account has been brought along. The establishment of a WeChat account or a WeChat account on the WeChat public account has become mainstream nowadays. You have a company. If you do not have a public account, then you are out. If you have a public account but do not have a micro site or do some micro activities on it, then you are also out. Who does it?
How to do Fuzhou WeChat marketing platform <br /> Xiaobian's company once had a customer spend 3W to make a WeChat mall + three-tier distribution function, which is a kind of custom development. The so-called custom development is nothing more than possible extension points in functionality, and the interface can be freely designed, but the core is still in the form of a mall + distribution. Many people think that whether it is a website or a WeChat mall, of course, it is good for custom development, but the cost and price in it can be too much. The following highlights our marketing platform. Similarly, building a mall + distribution on our marketing platform only costs thousands of dollars, which is much less than the cost above.
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The above functional modules are developed by us in advance, of course, not only the above, but if you are interested, please contact our customer service QQ 185238902.
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