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The ectouch and ecshop background functions are roughly the same. The ecshop background is used as an example to illustrate the ectouch product type with different attributes and different prices.

Note: This function is mainly to add and edit product types and add and edit product attributes.

First, add product types

类型 ,界面如图所示: Go to the background-> product management-> product type , the interface is as shown in the figure:

1. Product type name: refers to the name of the type of product to be added, such as office supplies.

2. Attribute grouping: one product attribute group per line. Sorting will also sort in natural order. That is, many attributes of the product are divided into more detailed groups for easy retrieval by users.

Editing product types

It is mainly to modify existing product types. Click the edit button to edit and modify, the content is the same as above.

添加商品属性 Third, add product attributes

-> 添加属性 Attribute List- > Add Attribute   界面如图所示: , The interface is shown in the figure:

1. Attribute name: refers to the attribute name of a certain product type, such as the attribute author of the added book (required field)

2. Product type: Which type of product this attribute belongs to (required)

3. Can search: divided into: no search required, keyword search and range search


① If this attribute is not required to be a condition for searching for products, please choose not to search ;

② Select keyword search when this attribute is required for keyword search ;

③ If you want to specify a certain range during the attribute search, select the range search.

4. Whether the products with the same attribute value are related: you can choose yes or no

属性是否可选:分为:唯一属性、单选属性、复选属性 5. Whether the attribute is optional: divided into: unique attribute, single-select attribute, check attribute


选择"唯一属性"时,商品的该属性值只能设置一个值,用户只能查看该值。 ① When "Unique Attribute" is selected, the attribute value of the product can only be set to one value, and the user can only view the value.

选择"单选/复选属性"时,可以对商品该属性设置多个值,同时还能对不同属性值指定不同的价格加价,用户购买商品时需要选定具体的属性值。 ② When "Single-select / multi-select attribute" is selected, multiple values can be set for the attribute of the product, and different prices can be specified for different attribute values. Users need to select specific attribute values when purchasing the product.

6 . Entry method of this attribute value: Divided into: manual entry, selection from the list and multi-line text box


① Manual entry: refers to manual entry by yourself ;

7 里输入属性值 ②Choose from the list: refers to inputting the attribute value in the optional value list ( 7 ) ;

③ Multi-line text box: You also need to enter the attributes into the multi-line text box yourself.

Final effect: The effect of the added property list is shown in the figure:

设置商品属性 Fourth, set product attributes

商品列表 -> 选择要设置属性的商品 -> 商品属性,如图所示: Enter the product list- > select the product to set attributes- > product attributes, as shown in the figure:

The foreground display effect, as shown in the figure:

(Style requires CSS settings)

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