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  • Three steps to teach you to generate and add QQ group codes in one click

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Add qq group code to web pages, QQ群 入口有利于对收集访客的反馈,同时比单纯加上文本的 QQ群 号,更能使得 网站 变得友好。 When we are building a webpage, joining the QQ group entrance is helpful for collecting feedback from visitors. At the same time , it is more friendly to the website than simply adding a text QQ group number . So how can we generate and add QQ group codes in one click?

网际电脑 教你只要三步就可以打到 代码 Now the internet computer teaches you to get the code in three steps :

QQ 官方 网站 首页导航栏就可以看见'加群组件'如下图: Step 1: Open the QQ official website : can see the 'Add Group Component' as shown in the following figure:


Web page join qq group code (Figure)

Step 2: Select the QQ group that needs to be generated by one click, and pull down the lower triangle to switch between different QQ groups as shown below:


One click plus qq group web page code (Figure)

在右边就可以看到自动生成基于网页、iPhone、安卓的QQ群 代码 ,只要直接复制就能用了。 Step 3: On the right, you can see that the QQ group code based on webpage, iPhone, and Android is automatically generated. Just copy it and use it. As shown below:


Web page plus qq group code (Figure)

, 如果是修改及链接只要复制蓝色网址就行了。 Three steps to teach you to generate and add QQ group code in one click . If it is modification and link, just copy the blue URL.

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