Fuzhou website construction only needs 1,000 yuan to include domain name space, details 18558752805

Advantages of imitation station: imitation station is imitating the style structure and function of the target website, so it is a fixed frame. Imitation station is to imitate the website and replace the information on the other party's website with your company's information. It is relatively easy to say that it can reduce the workload of the network company, so the cost is relatively low. The cost of the imitation station is as follows:

Space domain name: an international domain name .cn, 500M high-speed space, sent to self-assigned enterprise mailbox

Website design: imitate the layout and effect according to the customer's designated website, and the imitating degree is generally above 90%. Demo column: Homepage / Company Profile / Products / Customer Service / News Center / Success Stories / Recruitment / Online Messages / Contact Us for Free Gift: first year website maintenance / ICP website filing / access statistics system / share function / online customer service (QQ, Wangwang, MSN, etc.)
Post-maintenance: free first-year maintenance (including system operation or database error maintenance, website data backup, regular small updates of pictures and text data, excluding the addition of new website features and website re-editing.)
Production time: 15-25 working days
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