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The online mall is similar to the store in the real world. The difference is that using various methods of e-commerce to achieve a virtual store from buying to selling, thereby reducing intermediate links, eliminating transportation costs and the difference between agents, creating common consumption and Increasing market circulation brings huge development space. Repay consumers as much as possible, drive company development and take off, guide the stable and rapid development of the national economy, and promote GDP.

The company's mall website quotation plan is as follows:

Space domain name: an international domain name .com / net / org / cn, 500M high-speed space, free distribution of corporate mailboxes Website design: Design based on the characteristics of the product and user group, with the personalized design of the LOGO, incorporating Flash animation effects, reflecting the company image The overall style of the website, product features, etc .; develop a language version of the demonstration column: Homepage / Company Profile / Products / Customer Service / News Center / Success Stories / Online Messages / Contact Us / Shopping Cart / Product Search / Member Services Free Gift: First Website Maintenance / ICP Website Filing / Access Statistics System / Online Customer Service (QQ, Want Want, MSN, etc.)
Post-maintenance: free first-year maintenance (including system operation or database error maintenance, website data backup, regular small updates of pictures and text data, excluding new website function additions and website re-versions.)
Production time: 20-30 working days
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