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In the domain name transaction related business, we often hear the term domain name push. So what does domain name push mean?
Domain name push refers to the fact that within the same trading platform, the transaction initiator pushes the domain name directly from his own name to the account of the other party to the transaction. After the completion of the domain name push, the domain owner information will also change. The domain name push can set the receiving price of the domain name. The other party can only receive the domain name after completing the payment, and the money will be directly transferred to the initiator. Because both parties in the domain name transaction have carried out identity authentication on their accounts and created domain name information templates in advance, the trouble of submitting various materials each time they receive a domain name is avoided.
At present, in addition to supporting single domain name push, Western Digital also supports batch push of domain names, and the push initiator can cancel at any time before the other party receives the domain name. In terms of push withdrawal, users can either leave the domain name push payment in the personal account of Western Digital for future news, or directly withdraw to the bank card or Alipay.
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