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1. At the beginning, a QR code will be generated and sent to the customer. After scanning the QR code, the customer enters the system home page, and the home page is like the Rishun home page, as shown in the figure. The following maintenance categories and maintenance service contents can be replaced through the background

2. On the list page, click on the page entered by a certain maintenance category. The following figure shows the corresponding maintenance service items under the appliance cleaning and maintenance category.

3. The maintenance service item details page displays the service price and one-click reservation button, which is consistent with the page, as shown below

4. Click a button to make an appointment. If the user is not logged in, then jump to the registration page and register by mobile phone number verification. If the member is already logged in, enter the order confirmation page, and click to reserve now, the order information will be counted. Website background, the website administrator can view this information through the background, and contact it offline for the maintenance and processing through the mobile phone number submitted by the customer. And make subsequent changes to the order status.

5. The member order page mainly displays four statuses, which of them are a bit forgotten, as shown below

The general process is the same as above. The background of the website is not described in detail. It is mainly to check the order and change the status.

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