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1. Modify the banner image and edit it in the operation promotion-> slide management. The mobile and computer banner are edited here.
2. Four pictures are recommended to modify the product under the banner on the homepage, as shown in the figure below, the corresponding product is searched, and the changes are made according to the requirements. The pixel 600 * 600 is the best.

3. The products are added and modified in the article list. The product thumbnail 600 * 600 is the best. When adding the article, fill in the product title and thumbnail and select the corresponding column.

4. Add product categories. Product categories are added in Article Management-> Article Categories, as shown in the figure below. To select the corresponding parent section, the column name, and the module, select the product module.

5, company profile, contact us to modify the content, in the article management-> article category, find the company profile, contact us and click on the right to modify the category , as shown below

6. The picture content on the homepage of the mobile phone website as shown by the arrow below is from the article category. As long as you set the corresponding column as recommended in the article category and the thumbnail is not empty, it will be displayed below.

Background operation

7. Store pictures on the mobile phone. If you do n’t have any store pictures to upload, you can directly find them in the operation promotion-> slideshow management, and then clear the contents of the store pictures. If you have any, add changes to it.

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