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然后 Ctrl-C 复制页面全部图文内容粘贴到上面商品HTML中即可,系统会自动采集此页面上的商品。 Open the product baby list of a certain store (usually click: all categories), select all pages (press Ctrl-A), and then Ctrl-C copy the entire graphic content of the page and paste it into the above product HTML, the system will automatically collect Products on this page.
As shown below

Some friends can't find the product list page of a store, here is a more concise method,这个时候我们只需要在后面加上search.htm?spm=2013.1.w5002-1007182351.1.68402635406pmj&search=y就是他的商品列页面,即,亲们可以试下哈,然后复制上面页面内容粘贴到我们HTML框即可采集此页面的商品数据,此方法也用于淘宝店铺。 The above is the URL of a Tmall store. We can see from the picture URL that his store address is At this time, we only need to add after Search.htm? Spm = 2013.1.w5002-1007182351.1.68402635406pmj & search = y is his product listing page, that is,, Parents can try it, then copy the content of the page above and paste it into our HTML box to collect the product data of this page. This method is also used in Taobao stores.
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